Come Get Your Boy

 The title is a reference to this Facebook post by W. Kamau Bell. 

Today I had a lovely experience at my store.

An enraged white guy started yelling at one of my employees, calling her retarded and “Social Justice”. When I asked him to leave, he pointed to a (admittedly nice) car in the parking lot and loudly proclaimed “that’s a ninety-five thousand dollar car and I paid cash for it”. I told him that’s nice but I still need you to leave because you can’t talk to my people like that. He responded that he is a millionaire and would never have to work another day in his life. He told me that because I was not a millionaire like him that I was shit. I told him I love my life and my job and he still needed to leave my store. Finally, he left, loudly yelling at me that I was “Social Justice”, retarded, and a libtard. He kind of paused before he said the libtard part as if he was gearing up to throw down an insult that would reeeaaallly hurt me. 

I made some jokes about it afterward, saying that I’ve never seen Twitter in real life before and referring to him as a member of the Intellectual Dark Web, but honestly I was shaking with anger for a good fifteen minutes afterward and I am still angry. 

What’s crazy though is that I was only shocked because this was a real life person saying those things to my face. If I had read those things online or heard a media personality say them or heard an elected politician say them I would not have been surprised. Because I’ve been reading those things and hearing those things for the last three years. They have been legitimized and embraced by people in positions of power and cultural influence. 

This rich, white man yelling in a cafe was not an anomaly. There are so many more like him and they will only get louder unless we stop indulging their “the world is getting too PC” fantasies. 

The world is not getting too PC. There was no golden age where people didn’t get offended. The difference is that now the internet has given a voice to the people who have always been offended but also been ignored. 

I know I’m rambling so I’m going to wind this down. I just want to say to the people in my life who pride themselves on being Anti-PC and who vote for politicians because “I don’t agree with everything they say but at least they’re honest” that this is what you’re advocating for.  

The ideology you embrace and give credence to is not about “freedom of thought” and “freedom of speech”. It’s about rich, white dudes being able to yell right-wing catchphrases at 20-year-olds in coffee shops.