But, Like, Why Though?

Great question!

I wanted to create this website/blog/vanity project for a few reasons. 

1) It’s an elaborate way of tricking myself into writing more by creating deadlines and a structure. It’s also easier to write if I get to post it somewhere people could potentially read it. 

2) I really don’t like Facebook but I want to post longer updates about my daily life (AND BABYYYYY) since most of my family and friends live in other states. I will never recommend my family follows me on twitter so this seemed like a better option. 

3) I like playing around with website formatting because it reminds me of my Xanga and MySpace days. 

4) I actually am low key vain.  

On The Format:

Right now I will be publishing nonfiction pieces every Wednesday and short blog entries daily-ish. My nonfiction pieces will vary in length and subject matter, the only theme being write what I want to read. My blog entries will basically be glorified Facebook posts but with the bonus of letting me feel smug for using Facebook less.  

As I get used to my website schedule and increase my writing output, I will begin adding new sections to the site. My next section will be a short fiction section but that won’t be for a month or two because I have a tendency to overdo it on creative projects and I want to ease into this. After that I want to add video and music sections! But that won’t be for a long time. 

Anyway, thanks for reading!