This Is How We Duet

Every so often you have those moments that certify yes, you and your partner are perfect for each other. Sometimes these moments are joyous, sometimes they’re serious, other times they’re silly, and unfortunately sometimes they’re sad. 

Today, Amanda and I shared a silly moment and it’s one of my favorite silly moments we’ve had in a while. 

I was changing Simon’s diaper and Amanda was getting some laundry ready to be washed. As she often does, Amanda was singing to Simon as she walked around the room picking up stray pieces of laundry I had left behind when I hastily took the hamper to the laundry room. It’s always a random song from her extensive music teacher repertoire and today the song of choice was Old MacDonald Had A Farm. In the middle of her song, she stopped to ask if I had intentionally left behind a trail of socks. I responded with something flippant and started singing “Old MacDonald had a sock...”

Because she’s the best, Amanda joined in and sang along with me. I thought, awesome she joined in but I’m going to try extra hard to make her laugh. So when it got to the E-I-E-I-O part, I sang “E-I-E-I...SOCK!”



It was amazing. Poor Simon doesn’t know what he’s getting into.