Identity Politics

I am tired of identity politics. 

Women who get abortions are murderers; not human beings making a difficult decision who need the love and support of people around them. 

Immigrants are rapists and criminals; not human beings trying to improve their lives and do the best they can for themselves and their families. 

Queer people are vile sinners; not human beings who love and are loved in return. 

Corporations are People.

Poor people are lazy freeloaders who made the decision to have less; not human beings who need care and support. 

Black people are reverse racists who need to get over the fact they were once enslaved; not human beings suffering under systematic oppression. 

All Police Officers are Inherently Good.

Survivors of Gun Violence are whiners who need to shut up; not human beings who should be listened to. 

Educators are spoiled brats whose main form of compensation should be the privilege of teaching children; not human beings who are overworked, understaffed and who often can’t provide for their own children without a second job.

The Rich are Overtaxed.

I am so tired of identity politics. 

I am so tired of politics that try to make me see the individual identities of human beings other than myself.