Mike Herrera Brings The Feelings With "Don't Walk Away" Video

Mike Herrera has been posting a lot of really cool solo content this year. The latest offering is a reworked acoustic version of “Don’t Walk Away” from the criminally underrated Before Everything & After (yes it was a stylistic departure but I swear I get more songs from that album stuck in my head than almost any other).

The music video that accompanies the new version of the song is a mashup of Mike playing the song alone in his hotel room and home video of him and his family. It’s an incredibly sweet peek into the workings of the Herrera family, highlighting the joy of home while acknowledging the sacrifices it takes to go on the road.

It’s amazing to me how the music of Mike Herrera and MxPx continues to be a source of inspiration and something I can identify so strongly with. As a teenager it was “Punk Rawk Show” and the songs about figuring out how to navigate life. Now it’s songs like “Let’s Ride” that look back at the lives we’ve lived and how they prepare us for the present and the future. The importance of family permeates just about everything Mike and MxPx have done in that last few years and that has been such a gift to have as I start my own family.