Brandon Sanderson Lectures

As writers, we often need motivation and inspiration. When I need a pick me up, I naturally gravitate toward discussions on craft. I love hearing how different writers approach their work and I feel like the more examples and tools I have to pull from the better I’ll be at forging my own path as a writer.

I came across this lecture series at the beginning of this year when I made the decision to start taking my writing career more seriously. I was feeling overwhelmed by my job and needed to do something that was just for me as a form of self care. However, jumping straight back into writing a novel felt too intimidating. I was out of practice and uninspired other than just having the desire to “write my way out” of my current job.

I found Sanderson’s approach to the craft of writing and insight into the mentality of being a writer to be refreshing. He has such a positive and open attitude about writing that listening to him always makes me walk away thinking “Hell yeah, I can totally be a writer!”

This video series gives all of Sanderson’s lectures from his 2016 class at BYU. The class is specifically about writing Science Fiction and Fantasy but there is a lot of good advice, information, and tools for writing in general. Plus, Sci-Fi/Fantasy writers often have to take general writing courses and sift through the information to find what’s applicable to them so it’s kind of nice to have it reversed for a change.

Enjoy, learn something, and get back to writing!