This Is How We Duet

Every so often you have those moments that certify yes, you and your partner are perfect for each other. Sometimes these moments are joyous, sometimes they’re serious, other times they’re silly, and unfortunately sometimes they’re sad. 

Today, Amanda and I shared a silly moment and it’s one of my favorite silly moments we’ve had in a while. 

I was changing Simon’s diaper and Amanda was getting some laundry ready to be washed. As she often does, Amanda was singing to Simon as she walked around the room picking up stray pieces of laundry I had left behind when I hastily took the hamper to the laundry room. It’s always a random song from her extensive music teacher repertoire and today the song of choice was Old MacDonald Had A Farm. In the middle of her song, she stopped to ask if I had intentionally left behind a trail of socks. I responded with something flippant and started singing “Old MacDonald had a sock...”

Because she’s the best, Amanda joined in and sang along with me. I thought, awesome she joined in but I’m going to try extra hard to make her laugh. So when it got to the E-I-E-I-O part, I sang “E-I-E-I...SOCK!”



It was amazing. Poor Simon doesn’t know what he’s getting into. 

But, Like, Why Though?

Great question!

I wanted to create this website/blog/vanity project for a few reasons. 

1) It’s an elaborate way of tricking myself into writing more by creating deadlines and a structure. It’s also easier to write if I get to post it somewhere people could potentially read it. 

2) I really don’t like Facebook but I want to post longer updates about my daily life (AND BABYYYYY) since most of my family and friends live in other states. I will never recommend my family follows me on twitter so this seemed like a better option. 

3) I like playing around with website formatting because it reminds me of my Xanga and MySpace days. 

4) I actually am low key vain.  

On The Format:

Right now I will be publishing nonfiction pieces every Wednesday and short blog entries daily-ish. My nonfiction pieces will vary in length and subject matter, the only theme being write what I want to read. My blog entries will basically be glorified Facebook posts but with the bonus of letting me feel smug for using Facebook less.  

As I get used to my website schedule and increase my writing output, I will begin adding new sections to the site. My next section will be a short fiction section but that won’t be for a month or two because I have a tendency to overdo it on creative projects and I want to ease into this. After that I want to add video and music sections! But that won’t be for a long time. 

Anyway, thanks for reading!

Transform And Roll Out...Some Gun Safety Regulations

This was originally a facebook post I made in 2015 in response to one of the numerous mass shootings our country has endured. Sadly, it's still relevant today and even sadder is the fact there have been so many shootings I honestly can't remember which one prompted this post. I chose to repost this here because a) I'm proud of this post and b) it is kind of the stylistic template for what a lot of the pieces on the nonfiction section of my site will be. 

When I was little, say 3-5, I wasn't allowed to play with my older brother's Transformers toys. Looking back, it makes sense. I mean, I had just barely mastered not pooping in my own pants so why would I be trusted with complex actions figures that have tons of tiny, very breakable parts? Just because it makes sense doesn't mean I was happy about it at the time though. I'm sure I cried on more than one occasion after reaching for Optimus Prime and being told "No, you're not old enough for that toy yet".

And it's not like my brothers took a perverse joy in denying me access to their Transformers. I have great brothers. They love the heck out of me, they love Transformers, and I'm sure they couldn't wait to share that love with me. However, they understood it was best for everyone if I waited until I was old enough. Afterall, it was pretty much inevitable that I would break a Transformer which would mean two things 1) I would get in trouble for breaking said Transformer 2) They would no longer be able to play with the broken Transformer.

So, for a long time, my brothers had to keep the Transformers in their room on a shelf that I couldn't reach. I would go into their room and look at that shelf with all the jealousy my little four year old body could muster. Eventually, I was able to play with the Transformers but only if one of my brothers got it for me and taught me how to properly transform it. So I started out with the easy ones, Cliffjumper and Bumblebee, and slowly progressed onto more difficult Transformers. When I finally reached the age where I could play with Transformers unsupervised, I did so very carefully and with a lot of respect, because I understood that playing with Transformers was a privilege.

So, even though I hated that rule when I was little, I'm very glad my parents handled it that way. They could have just said, look, toys are toys and they all have to be shared equally. My three year old self would have been very happy with that, but I would have realized the mistake when I got older and we had a house full of broken Transformers. They also could have said, hey, if Robby can't play with Transformers then no one gets to play with Transformers. But that wouldn't have been fair to my brothers. They were the ones who spent hours watching Transformers. They were the ones who recorded the episodes on VHS for repeat viewings. They were the ones who carefully read the directions every time before transforming an action figure for the first time. They were the ones who knew all the lyrics to "The Touch" by Stan Bush. They were responsible Transformers owners.

Now I won't lie to you and say we had a perfect household, we had our problems. But you better believe that an epidemic of broken Transformers was not one of those problems.

Which brings me to this: I won't say guns need to be banned entirely. I will say, however, that I think guns in America should be regulated to the same extent that Transformers toys were regulated in my house growing up. I don't think that's too much to ask.

Just Wear With Me On This

Today I hit the special milestone of successfully wearing Simon in our BabyBjorn carrier. It sounds stupid but it's actually a big deal. He has always loved being in the carrier with his mom, but for some reason he has hated being in the carrier with me. However, this morning I decided to give it another try and he liked it! At least that's what I'm assuming falling asleep in the carrier means. Maybe he was just so annoyed with me putting him in the carrier that he went to sleep as a way of avoiding me (If so he definitely learned that trick from me). It was really nice having him in the carrier. I got to rock him gently back and forth while he slept; meanwhile, I got to read a few chapters of my book and sip on a nice cup of coffee. That forty-five minute stretch of time was easily the highlight of my day.