Hippity Hoppity

The idea for this playlist was simple—create a playlist using only the hip-hop artists I have downloaded onto my phone in iTunes. My wife is often using our Spotify account to play sleepy time music for our little dude so I’ve started trying to spice up my iTunes library with curated playlists rather than solely relying on shuffle. The resulting playlist is a weird mashup of early 90s hip hop and early 2010s hip hop. I obviously enjoy it—considering I like all these songs enough to have them in my library—but the process of putting this together made me realize I need to add a lot more hip hop artists to my phone. Sorry there is no Spotify link for this one, I couldn’t fully recreate it in Spotify because they don’t have the De La Soul or Chance the Rapper tracks.

  1. Buggin’ Out — A Tribe Called Quest

  2. Retro (ROUGH) — Childish Gambino

  3. Chum — Earl Sweatshirt

  4. Tread Water — De La Soul

  5. Backpackers — Childish Gambino

  6. Cocoa Butter Kisses — Chance the Rapper

  7. Heels — Q-Tip

  8. Accordian — Madvillain

  9. Sunday — Earl Sweatshirt

  10. Sunrise — Childish Gambino

  11. Me, Myself and I — De La Soul

  12. Favorite Song — Chance the Rapper

  13. Johnny Is Dead — Q-Tip