The 1975 : STARTER

Week 2 - The 1975 : STARTER

I made this playlist as a primer for a friend who was having trouble getting into The 1975. It’s kind of a greatest hits of all their most accessible pop songs with a few weird ones thrown in for good measure. I tried to build it as if it were a physical record with a Side A and Side B. I think both sides give an interesting look at the band, with Side A a little more front loaded with pop songs and Side B showing off a little more of the bands softer, spacier sound.

Side A

  1. Heart Out

  2. Love Me

  3. Girls


  5. Chocolate

  6. Love It If We Made IT

  7. Robbers

    Side B

  8. The Sound

  9. It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)

  10. She’s American

  11. A Change of Heart

  12. Give Yourself A Try

  13. Settle Down

  14. Paris